Today's Playlist....
Time PlayedArtistTitle
5:10PMHawk Nelson Parachute
5:06PMNeon Feather Safe
5:02PMWe Are Messengers Everything Comes Alive
4:59PMTenth Avenue North No Shame
4:56PMMatthew West Broken Things
4:52PMJordan St. Cyr Victory
4:47PMApollo LTD You
4:42PMElizabeth Grace Like Myself
4:38PMChris Tomlin Is He Worthy
4:34PMTauren Wells Known
4:31PMColton Dixon Miracles
4:27PMBuilding 429 Where I Belong
4:22PMMercyMe Almost Home
4:17PMRiley Clemmons Broken Prayers
4:13PMHillsong Young & Free Heart of God
4:10PMThe Young Escape The Good Life
4:07PMTobyMac Edge Of My Seat
4:02PMHillsong Young & Free Best Friends
4:00PMCrowder (feat Mandisa) Let It Rain
3:59PMMatthew West Day One
3:55PMJoel Vaughn If I Trust In You
3:50PMStars Go Dim It's Gonna Get Better
3:45PMTenth Ave North Greater Than All My Regrets
3:40PMAmanda Cook Still
3:36PMRend Collective Joy Of The Lord
3:33PMRyan Stevenson Amadeo (Still My God)
3:29PMDavid Dunn Have Everything
3:24PMBuilding 429 Fear No More
3:19PMMoriah Peters You Carry Me
3:15PMMack Brock None But Thee
3:11PMMicah Tyler Recover
3:08PMAaron Bucks I Got You
3:03PMMandisa Way Maker
2:59PMFor King & Country Burn The Ships
2:55PMFinding Favour It Is Well
2:52PMJoel Vaughn Pray It Up
2:46PMMatthew West What Ifs
2:40PMCasting Crowns (feat Matthew West) Nobody
2:36PMAll Sons And Daughters Great Are You Lord
2:32PMJordan Feliz Faith
2:29PMWe Are Messengers Love
2:26PMHollyn Lovely
2:21PMJason Gray I'm Gonna Let It Go
2:17PMRend Collective Rescuer
2:13PMJosh Baldwin Let The Redeemed
2:09PMI Am They Scars
2:05PMBlanca Shattered
2:01PMNeedtobreathe Brother
2:00PMDanny Gokey If You Ain't In It
2:00PMTobyMac Move (Keep Walkin')
1:58PMJeremy Camp Still Alive
1:53PMLeanna Crawford Funeral
1:48PMJoel Vaughn I Look To You
1:43PMLaura Story Mighty To Save
1:38PMBig Daddy Weave I Know
1:34PMCrowder (feat Riley Clemmons) I'm Leaning On You
1:31PMZach Williams Survivor
1:24PMMercyMe Even If
1:19PMTauren Wells (feat Jenn Johnson) Famous For
1:15PMRend Collective Sing It From The Shackles
1:11PMMatt Maher Your Love Defends Me
1:06PMMatthew West Do Something
1:03PMLEDGER Completely
1:00PMHawk Nelson Thank God For Something
12:59PMCasting Crowns Only Jesus
12:55PMCitizen Way The Lord's Prayer
12:49PMChris Tomlin Home
12:44PMSarah Reeves Anxious
12:40PMVertical Worship My Defense
12:35PMSwitchfoot The Strength To Let Go
12:31PMApollo LTD You
12:28PMDan Bremnes Up Again
12:22PMPlumb Lord I'm Ready Now
12:18PMThrive Worship A Thousand More
12:14PMBig Daddy Weave Turn On The Light
12:10PMFrancesca Battistelli The Breakup Song
12:06PMColton Dixon Through All Of It
12:03PMMatthew West The God Who Stays
12:00PMHawk Nelson He Still Does (Miracles)
12:00PMLincoln Brewster There Is Power
11:58AMCory Asbury The Father's House
11:53AMBlanca Real Love
11:22AMGateway Worship It Is Finished
11:18AMRed Rocks Worship Breakthrough
11:13AMUnspoken You've Always Been
11:10AMZach Williams Old Church Choir
11:06AMFrancesca Battistelli Giants Fall
11:03AMCade Thompson Provider
10:59AMWe Are Messengers Point To You
10:56AMRyan Stevenson With Lifted Hands
10:51AMElias Dummer Enough
10:46AMHawk Nelson Diamonds
10:42AMTasha Layton Into The Sea
10:38AMElevation Worship Gone
10:34AMDanny Gokey Wanted
10:30AMMicah Tyler Amen
10:26AMApollo LTD Gold
10:21AMHillaryJane God of Always
10:17AMCody Carnes Run To The Father
10:12AMJeremy Camp Only You Can
10:09AMI Am They My Feet Are On The Rock
10:05AMFor King & Country Priceless
10:02AMWe Are Messengers Power
10:00AMJason Gray Remind Me You're Here
9:59AMSanctus Real Confidence
9:56AMJohnny Diaz Let Faith Move You
9:50AMColton Dixon Miracles
9:46AMAustin French Why God
9:42AMJosh Baldwin Stand In Your Love
9:38AMMat Kearney Face To Face
9:35AMHillsong Young & Free Best Friends
9:32AMCarrolton Shelter
9:28AMDavid Dunn Starting Now
9:24AMUnspoken Good Fight
9:19AMChris McClarney I'm Listening
9:16AMMercyMe Best News Ever
9:15AMToby Mac Speak Life
9:15AMBig Daddy Weave Turn On The Light
9:15AMNorth Point Inside Out Death Was Arrested
9:15AMTenth Avenue North No Shame
9:15AMWe Are Messengers Point To You
9:14AMJeremy Camp Only You Can
9:14AMMat Kearney Face To Face
9:14AMMack Brock None But Thee
9:13AMEllie Limebear What Love Looks Like
9:13AMNeedtobreathe Hard Love
9:13AMJoel Vaughn Pray It Up
9:13AMElizabeth Grace Like Myself
9:12AMZach Williams Rescue Story
9:07AMStars Go Dim It's Gonna Get Better
9:03AMFor King & Country The Proof Of Your Love
9:00AMThe Young Escape So Alive
8:59AMJason Gray Remind Me Who I Am
8:56AMLauren Daigle Rescue
8:49AMRyan Stevenson Amadeo (Still My God)
8:46AMHanah Kerr Ordinary
8:41AMDanny Gokey Masterpiece
8:39AMMatt Maher (feat Audrey Assad) Lord, I Need You
8:37AMMandisa Way Maker
8:33AMNeedtobreathe Testify
8:26AMSwitch Count Me In
8:21AMWe Are Messengers Magnify
8:17AMCrowder My Victory
8:13AMJeremy Camp Dead Man Walking
8:10AMElevation Rythym Never Walk Away
8:05AMMatthew West What Ifs
8:01AMBig Daddy Weave The Only Name
8:00AMTobyMac Love Broke Thru
8:00AMKalley Oasis
7:57AMHawk Nelson Close
7:51AMEllie Limebear What Love Looks Like
7:47AMBuilding 429 Blessing I Can't See
7:43AMIron Bell God That Saves
7:39AMTauren Wells God's Not Done With You
7:35AMLeanna Crawford Funeral
7:31AMTim Timmons Cast My Cares
7:26AMUnspoken If We Only Knew
7:21AMLauren Daigle O' Lord
7:17AMMatt Redman The Same Jesus
7:13AMRyan Stevenson Child In Your Arms
7:10AMCourtney Ramirez Perfectly Loved
7:04AMWe Are Messengers Love
7:00AMNewsboys God's Not Dead
7:00AMWe The Kingdom Holy Water
7:00AMToby Mac Speak Life
6:57AMSkillet Lions
6:51AMBlanca Shattered
6:48AMTenth Ave North Paranoia
6:43AMJesus Culture Love Has A Name
6:39AMThe Afters I Will Fear No More
6:35AMRend Collective Sing It From The Shackles
6:30AMBig Daddy Weave Redeemed
6:26AMTasha Layton Safe Here
6:21AMMicah Tyler Even Then
6:17AMRed Rocks Worship Fill This Place
6:14AMRhett Walker Band Believer
6:11AMCharlie Rey Undeniable Love
6:06AMUnspoken You've Always Been
6:02AMNeedtobreathe Hard Love
6:00AMLauren Daigle First
6:00AMStars Go Dim Heaven On Earth
5:59AMCochren & Co. One Day
5:55AMTobyMac I Just Need U
5:52AMCrowder (feat Riley Clemmons) I'm Leaning On You
5:45AMI Am They No Impossible With You
5:41AMFor All Seasons No Other
5:37AMSkillet Anchor
5:34AMApollo LTD You
5:30AMJeremy Camp My Defender
5:26AMTedashii Home
5:21AMBig Daddy Weave Turn On The Light
5:17AMMack Brock Greater Things
5:14AMFinding Favour Cast My Cares
5:11AMTasha Layton Into The Sea
5:07AMStars Go Dim You Know Me Better
5:02AMMercyMe I Can Only Imagine 2.0
5:00AMCasting Crowns Glorious Day
5:00AMPhil Wickham Till I Found You
4:59AMLedger My Arms
4:55AMNeedtobreathe Forever On Your Side
4:51AMSarah Reeves Anxious
4:46AMSocial Club Misfits Enough
4:42AMRend Collective Christ Lives In Me
4:38AMFor King & Country God Only Knows
4:35AMMicah Tyler Amen
4:31AMTenth Avenue North You Are More
4:27AMHope Darst Peace Be Still
4:23AMJeremy Camp Only You Can
4:18AMPaul Baloche Behold Him
4:13AMJeremy Rosado Trust
4:10AMEllie Limebear What Love Looks Like
4:06AMDanny Gokey Haven't Seen It Yet
4:03AMTauren Wells When We Pray
4:00AMSidewalk Prophets Live Like That
3:59AMMercy Me Greater
3:55AMRiley Clemmons Fighting For Me
3:52AMDan Bremnes Wherever I Go
3:49AMColton Dixon Miracles
3:43AMMatt Maher Alive and Breathing
3:40AMUrban Rescue Song Of My Father
3:37AMThe Young Escape The Good Life
3:34AMHillsong Young & Free Best Friends
3:30AMBuilding 429 We Won't Be Shaken
3:26AMTenth Avenue North No Shame
3:21AMStars Go Dim It's Gonna Get Better
3:17AMHillsong Worship King of Kings
3:13AMJonny Diaz Breathe
3:09AMCrowder (feat Riley Clemmons) I'm Leaning On You
3:06AMNeon Feather Safe
3:02AMWe Are Messengers Maybe It's Okay
3:00AMElizabeth Grace Like Myself
2:59AMMatthew West All In
2:55AMRyan Stevenson Amadeo (Still My God)
2:50AMJoel Vaughn If I Trust In You
2:46AMMercyMe Almost Home
2:42AMKutless No Wonder
2:39AMLeanna Crawford Funeral
2:35AMThe Afters Well Done
2:31AMTobyMac Edge Of My Seat
2:28AMJordan Feliz Witness
2:22AMElevation Worship See A Victory
2:18AMTenth Ave North Greater Than All My Regrets
2:14AMMandisa Way Maker
2:10AMRend Collective Joy Of The Lord
2:06AMFrancesca Battistelli There's No Other Name
2:03AMBuilding 429 Fear No More
1:59AMAaron Bucks I Got You
1:56AMUnspoken Bury the Workman
1:52AMMatthew West What Ifs
1:47AMSwitch Symphony
1:43AMFor King & Country Burn The Ships
1:39AMJesus Culture Fierce
1:36AMWe Are Messengers Love
1:32AMSanctus Real Safe In My Father's Arms
1:29AMCasting Crowns (feat Matthew West) Nobody
1:25AMDanny Gokey Tell Your Heart To Beat Again
1:20AMDavid Leonard Know Your Heart
1:17AMJason Gray I'm Gonna Let It Go
1:14AMBlanca Shattered
1:10AMJordan St. Cyr Victory
1:07AMColton Dixon Never Gone
1:03AMI Am They Scars
12:59AMBig Daddy Weave I Know
12:55AMAustin French Freedom Hymn
12:51AMRend Collective Sing It From The Shackles
12:46AMMercyMe Grace Got You
12:42AMCrowder (feat Mandisa) Let It Rain
12:38AMHillsong United So Will I
12:33AMSarah Reeves Anxious
12:30AMTobyMac Light Shine Bright
12:26AMLEDGER Completely
12:23AMTenth Avenue North I Have This Hope
12:18AMLeeland Better Word
12:15AMJeremy Camp Still Alive
12:12AMTasha Layton Into The Sea
12:09AMDanny Gokey If You Ain't In It
12:05AMCalling Glory Child Of Heaven
12:01AMCitizen Way The Lord's Prayer
11:18AMCitizen Way Bulletproof
11:17AMUnspoken Start A Fire
11:16AMHannah Kerr Radiate